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Hello there!

Thanks a lot for visiting my blog! This blog is an effort to express my views on various current affairs. Radioactivity is obviously an issue of concern for us living in Japan at this moment and hence happens to be the issue of focus of this blog. I also have another blog where I talk about my work interest i.e. climate change risk reduction. You may want to take a look at that blog too if your interest demands.

I love photography, traveling, learning science and technology matters, and engaging in discussion related to society, ethics and values. I am married to a lovely lady Kiran and we are blessed with a son Aarush. Incidentally, all our family names are related to the sun in one way or other; Prabhakar means early morning sun (asahi in Japanese), Kiran means sun rays (nikkoku in Japanese), and Aarush means early morning sun rays (akebono in Japanese)!

Currently, I work at Institute for Global Environmental Strategies, Japan as a senior policy researcher. My research focus is to identify means to evaluate effective climate change adaptation actions, to measure progress in mainstreaming climate change adaptation, and identify enabling conditions for adaptive policies and institutions. While working on climate risk reduction, I bring interdisciplinary perspective from my experience of working in multitude of (research and development) areas including farmer participatory research and development, natural resource management, disaster risk reduction including drought risk reduction. I must say that I am adaptable to emerging research issues and be able to contribute in an effective manner. I mostly believe in doing than talking, but don't hesitate to talk when it is required. I like interacting with people from all sorts of backgrounds as I dont hesitate in breaking barriers, visible and invisible.

Take care,
SVRK Prabhakar

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